Weeshuis Gouda
Spieringstraat 1
2801 ZH Gouda

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Events & Weddings

Everything you could wish for; together you are making something new and beautiful. In a setting that has long been there. You can feel it the moment you walk through the impressive gateway into the courtyard. This is a special place. One with a story. Does your own (wedding) story start here too?

Corporate events

We work to make every meeting or gathering special. From workshops and team building sessions to stylish company parties, gala dinners and festive gatherings; our inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful spaces are guaranteed to provide a get-together that will be talked about for a long time.

Private parties

We understand the art of celebrating life like no other and enjoy celebrating it together, with you. Whether it’s an intimate family dinner, a special birthday or a silver wedding reception, we provide a golden touch and an unforgettable fete.


Have you dreamt of a fairytale wedding with all the special touches for years? Together, we want to add another enchanting chapter to the story and the rich history of the Weeshuis. Invite the Regents from the 16th century to witness this and toast with you the magic of marriage!

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