Weeshuis Gouda
Spieringstraat 1
2801 ZH Gouda

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wshs restaurant lizz

3-, 4- and 5 COURSE MENU

Restaurant LIZZ open from Wednesday to Saturday.

Every season has its own romance, we would like to share our winter feeling with you.

LIZZ, a classic, sparkling and confident woman with the character qualities of a sparkling winter, she gives us beautiful tastes, scents and colors. This menu is a reflection of our winter heart and personality. We are happy to take you on a journey through our sparkling winter with a wonderful memory as a souvenir!


Remco Kuijpers – Chef
Louis Grizeau – Maître

You can sit at one of our impeccably set tables or enjoy the sun on our terrace. If you’d like a bit more privacy, we will gladly serve dinner in your room.

There is always a table available for you during your stay with us. If you are not staying with us, but are interested in visiting LIZZ, please let us know! We will put you on our waiting list and reach out as soon as a table becomes available.